Our research was developed by Robert Davis who has over 30 years in plant-based food design, creating some of the world’s first tofu-based foods. Over 6 years of development has gone into the intellectual property utilized by Planet Based Foods. This proprietary technology is a breakaway from the current status quo plant-based burger options. It is the first functional Hemp protein food system ever developed and heralds a breakthrough in the functional application of Hemp protein into the global food stream. The ancient superfood is full of nutritional, environmental, and agricultural benefits yet is vastly underutilized. It is a time and space opportunity bridging the two most prolific essential trends of our time, plant-based foods and Hemp.

We are a company that is dedicated to the triple bottom line of People and Planet above Profit and is destined for a leadership position in the global food service industry. Our mission is to feed people, so for every two H.E.M.P. Burgers sold, we donate and feed someone in need. Join us on the mission to heal the Planet and create a healthy positive future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

We believe in each other. We embrace the idea that we’re all in this together and all have the responsibility and power to create positive change.

Sustainability, consciousness, and deliciousness are our core values at Planet Based Foods. The main reason we chose to work with Hemp (besides its outstanding taste and texture) is that it’s an extremely sustainable plant. It’s abundant, resilient, helps renew soil, and has multi-purposes. Our whole intention with H.E.M.P. Foods is to validate this powerful food source as a nutritious protein, so that we can better empower the use of sustainable resources in all of our food.

As a future focused company, our innovative approach with ingredients and sustainability is unparalleled. Instead of just crafting a plant-based burger out of the commonly used ingredients others often use, we asked ourselves what it would take to go one step further and make it a responsible choice right down to the seed.

We combined our passion to transcend the outdated idea of the traditional bleeding burger with our understanding of the global climate situation and set out to create a healthy, ridiculously delicious, sustainably sourced Hemp burger, that stands on its own. We are transcending meat altogether and changing what it means to be a plant-based food.

Nutritious Benefits:
– full spectrum of omega fatty acids: 1 gram of omega 3, 5 grams of omega 6 and 9
– 21 grams of protein per burger serving
– 6 grams of dietary fiber per burger serving
– 20 grams of complex carbohydrates per burger serving

Health Benefits:
– protects the brain
– boosts heart health
– reduces inflammation
– improves skin conditions
– aids healthy digestion

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Hemp contains:
– vitamin E
– magnesium
– phosphorous
– potassium
– iron
– zinc
– B vitamins
– sulfur
– calcium

Soy Free: Check.
Gluten Free: Check
Wheat Free: Check
Dairy Free: Check
Nut Free: Check
Vegan: Check

Better Design: We crafted our evolutionary Hemp-based products to a delicious perfection to elevate your experience every time, while staying completely healthy and sustainable.

Better Taste: Our innovative H.E.M.P. Burger is here to completely transcend the normal, and produce a unique, new, mouth-watering burger experience unlike any other you’ve had.

Instant Gratification: As soon as you purchase one of our H.E.M.P. Burgers, you know that you’re not only enjoying a more nutritional and sustainable product – you’re contributing to our 2 for 1 program, where for every 2 H.E.M.P. Burgers sold, we donate one to someone in need.

Our Hemp is legally grown, federally and state level in the United States, and is GRAS certified (Generally Regarded As Safe) by FDA.

We use ingredients from vegetables to make our natural flavors, and yes, they are 100% vegan.

Methylcellulose is derived from the cellulose in plants and is GRAS certified (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA. It is a non GMO ingredient, purposed in our products to advance the texture of our plant-based alternatives so they won’t fall apart easily when they are cooked.

Our burgers contain ZERO ingredients that are not considered “clean label” on Whole Foods’ list of products.

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