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Planet Based Foods was founded in 2019 by former nutritionist and wellness marketer Braelyn Davis; his father, a food scientist and plant-based pioneer, Robert Davis; as well as restaurant industry veteran Ted Cash.

Throughout Braelyn’s childhood, Robert was constantly working on alternatives in food development, including innovating the use of soy. As time went on, the family realized that some vegetarian and vegan diets relied on it too heavily — sometimes with negative health consequences.

Today’s plant-based consumer is generally motivated by three key factors — health, animal welfare, and sustainability — and more aware than ever of the impact that mass farming and meat consumption have on the planet.

The vision at Planet Based Foods brings all these things together: Innovate a world-class, plant-based product lineup to shine a light on the positive nutrition and sustainability qualities of the hero ingredient, hemp.



Because our products are made with sustainable ingredients that support our future.


Because our products never contain GMO's.


Because our products are not made from animals.


Hemp is one of the best sources of sustainable plant-based PROTEIN on the planet.


We’re on a mission to establish hemp as a nutrient dense sustainable food system that will nourish the people and rejuvenate our planet for generations to come. 


We’re on a mission to establish hemp as a nutrient dense sustainable food system that will nourish the people and rejuvenate our planet for generations to come. 

We’re Planet Based Foods and we like hemp. Actually, we love hemp. It’s healthy for people because it’s a good alternative source of protein. It’s healthy for the planet because it uses less water to grow, regenerates the soil it’s grown in, and helps filter carbon dioxide out of the air.

We are founded by a nutritionist and wellness marketer, food scientist and plant-based pioneer, as well as a restaurant industry veteran.

Braelyn Davis

CEO and Co-Founder

Ted Cash

COO/CFO and Co-Founder

Robert Davis

CIO and Co-Founder

Because hemp is not only sustainable
—it’s regenerative.

Hemp is widely considered one of the most versatile crops in the world. It requires less water to grow than other traditional crops, regenerates the soil, and is naturally resistant to pests, diseases, and fungi (read: no pesticides needed!), it’s also one of the most sustainable crops. Not only is it a good source of complete protein, hemp is also rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and essential fatty acids.

HEMP Requires
less Water

The hemp plant’s taproot can reach underground water reserves, which means it requires less water to grow.

HEMP Filters
CO2 from our Air

Hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 than any other forest or commercial crop.

HEMP Regenerates
the Earth

Not only can hemp grow in a wide variety of soils and climates, but it also thrives in small spaces and has a deep root system that helps hold soil together and reduce erosion.

Hemp is One of The Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein on the Planet

Sustainable Health: Made from a superfood blend of non-GMO hemp seed, brown rice, and pea protein. Hemp is rich dietary fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and essential fatty acids. No GMOs.

Sustainable Harvest: Hemp regenerates soil, requires less water to grow and is a natural repellent to harmful elements, meaning it does not require any pesticides.