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*** TAQUITOS ***


Original with Cheese Taquitos
Serve up 4G of plant-based protein via Planet Based Foods’ hemp-based crumble and vegan pepper jack cheese wrapped in a crunchy tortilla shell.
Southwest Style Taquitos
Serve up 4G of plant-based protein, plus green chilis and natural seasoning that pack additional flavor into our Southwest taquitos.
Planet Based Foods vegan and gluten-free taquitos offer a convenient microwavable meal or snack option in your freezer. Hand-rolled on corn tortillas, these taquitos are made with a hemp-based crumble and natural seasoning that packs additional flavor into our taquitos. Keep this eight-count package on hand to satisfy your cravings or for last-minute snacks on busy days.

Hemp-Based Superfoods: What’s Not to Love?

At Planet Based Foods, we obviously love hemp. And not just because it’s a delicious and nutritious source of complete protein. We also love hemp because it’s amazingly sustainable. So sustainable that it just might offer a realistic, plant based path to saving the planet.

Skeptical? Well, just consider these facts:

  • The root system of the hemp plant grows long enough to tap into underground water reserves, meaning it requires far less water than other traditional crops. Those deep roots also help prevent erosion by holding the soil together.
  • By producing and returning large quantities of bushy biomass (renewable organic material) to the soil, hemp regenerates the ground it’s grown in.
  • Hemp can be grown without pesticides since it’s naturally resistant to insects, diseases, and fungi.
  • The hemp plant absorbs far more CO2 (one of the greenhouse gasses responsible for climate change) than any other forest or commercial crop. Because it requires little in the way of irrigation, thrives in tight spaces, and will grow just about anywhere, hemp offers a realistic and nutritious solution to world hunger – a top sustainability goal.
  • Thanks to its insulative and biodegradable properties, not to mention its carbon-sequestering efficiency, hemp could potentially replace many of the non-renewable materials – textiles, plastics, even vehicle fuels – we humans rely on every day.

So, there you have it. Hemp-based superfoods are delicious, nutritious, and potentially planet-saving. What’s not to love?