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The Original
Lightly seasoned with a tasty mix of garlic, onion, and smoked paprika, our Original Crumble brings next-level flavor to meatless Mondays.
Italian Sausage
With its impeccable texture and savory blend of spices, our Italian Sausage is the zesty plant-based essential you’ve been looking for.
Whether it's a meatless Monday, a taco Tuesday, or simply a typical Thursday, you can't go wrong with our delicious and nutritious plant-based Vegan Meat Crumbles.

Made from a superfood blend of hemp seed, pea protein, and rice flour, our crumbles are seasoned to perfection and come in two tasty varieties – beefy Original and savory Italian Sausage. Both are packed full of fiber, complex carbs, vitamins, essential fatty acids (including omegas 3, 6, and 9), and a whopping 21 grams of protein per serving. Whether stuffed in a taco, topping a pizza, or added to your favorite vegan pasta sauce, their impeccable texture and fantastic flavor will win over even the staunchest meat lovers among us!

And like all of our delicious hemp-based meat alternatives, our crumbles are 100% non-GMO and completely free of any eggs, gluten, or soy.

Hemp-Based Superfoods: Delicious AND Sustainable

When you opt for one of Planet-Based Foods' delicious meat alternatives, you're not just doing something good for your body. You're also making a choice that is great for the plant.

The fact is, hemp is one of the most sustainable crops in existence:
  • An extremely long root system allows the hemp plant to make use of underground water reserves. Those deep roots mean hemp requires far less water than other traditional crops.
  • Hemp regenerates the soil it's grown in by producing and returning large quantities of bushy biomass (renewable organic material) and returning it to the earth.
  • No pesticides needed, thanks to hemp's natural resistance to insects, diseases, and fungi.
  • No other forest or commercial crop absorbs more CO2 (one of the greenhouse gasses responsible for climate change) than hemp.
  • Because it requires little in the way of irrigation, thrives in tight spaces, and will grow just about anywhere, hemp offers a realistic and nutritious solution to world hunger – a top sustainability goal.
  • Because of its other useful properties, hemp could potentially replace many non-renewable materials – textiles, plastics, even vehicle fuels – we rely on daily.

You only have one body. And we only have one planet. When you choose our delicious Vegan Meat Crumbles or other nutritious and tasty hemp-based superfoods, you're helping to ensure the future of both!