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Got Hemp? 3 Reason Why We Need Hemp in Our Lives

Got Hemp? 3 Reason Why We Need Hemp in Our Lives

In a world of attempts to mimic meat and be a “meat substitute,” hemp is ideal as a protein-packed food source. 

We use hemp as the basis of our burgers, sausages and crumbles because it offers a range of benefits to the consumer and to the planet as a whole. But what makes hemp a crucial food source? For us, it comes down to three core elements. 

H.E.M.P. principle 

One of our operating principles is what we call H.E.M.P. This means that our products are Honorable, Ethical, Moral and Protein-packed. 

Our food is HONORABLE because it’s made with sustainable ingredients that support our future. ETHICAL because it never contains GMOs. Ever. MORAL because it’s not made from animals and with up to 21 grams per serving, it’s a good source of PROTEIN. Our H.E.M.P food is non-GMO, high in fiber, does not contain any gluten or soy, is rich in omegas 3, 6, and 9, high in protein, and it’s 100% vegan.

Nutrient-packed deliciousness 

With the H.E.M.P. foundation in place, we have worked to create a flavorful and nutritious food that is a flexible and healthy option. Made from a superfood blend of non-GMO hemp seed, brown rice, and pea protein, the Planet Based Foods are a great source of macro and micro nutrients. But the star of the show is hemp. 

Not only is it a good source of complete protein, hemp is also rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and essential fatty acids. This mix of protein, vitamins and minerals is a great alternative for people who have had to rely on flavorless attempts to replicate meat in the past. 

But we’re not trying to mimic meat. We’re more interested in evolving rather than recreating something from the past, which is why we proudly embrace hemp as the plant-based superfood that it is.

Commitment to sustainability

Hemp is an amazing crop. Hemp is widely considered one of the most versatile crops in the world. Not only can it grow in a wide variety of climates and environments, It requires less water to grow than other traditional crops, which makes it an ideal crop for dense urban areas to sustainably grow. 

Additionally, the plant regenerates the soil it grows in and is naturally resistant to pests, diseases, and fungi. Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops that can be grown. And combined with its inherent nutritional value, it is an ideal food source.