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The world's most sustainable Superfood
The Original
Lightly seasoned with a tasty mix of garlic, onion, and smoked paprika, our Original Burger brings next-level flavor to meatless Mondays.
In Stores Only
Green Chili
Green Chili Southwest
Give your tastebuds the kick they’ve been craving with the subtly sweet and spicy flavors of our Green Chili Southwest Burger.
In Stores Only
We’ve revolutionized the classic, crave-worthy burger to bring great taste and a more sustainable option to the table for barbecues and burger nights. Choose from Classic or Green Chili Southwest and build-your-own plant based hemp burger with whatever toppings your heart desires. You’re the chef here.

Made from a superfood blend of non-GMO hemp seed, brown rice and pea protein - and rich in vitamins and amino acids - our savory burger patties are delicious, nutritious, convenient and easy to prepare.

Hemp is a nutrient, protein-dense superfood that also happens to be a climate change hero. Hemp has the ability to feed the world sustainably for generations to come. At Planet Based Foods, we are on a mission to change the world, one Vegan Hemp Burger at a time. Try it today!